Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Commercial Construction: Student Housing, Auburn, AL

Student housing, below, Auburn, AL.  Red clay upon arrival, 3 weeks into construction with Heard's Landscaping, Inc., below.

Design constraints: rectangular site between major east-west USA railroad track, and a college street parrallel.  Maximizing student housing, parking. amenities  (pool, sunning terraces, golf, dog walk, volley ball, grilling, student safety.)

Shaefer Heard, Heard's Landscaping, Inc. has worked with the owner of this project for 3+ decades in several states, myriad sites.  Malls, doctor's buildings, fast food restaurants & etc.  Projects range from $50,000.00 - $500,000.00 + .

Owner, for the above, puts together an experienced team for scouting sites, buying, designing, construction, maintaining. 

Heard's Landscaping, Inc. & Construction, licensed home builder, is a traveling minstrel for commercial gardens & construction.   

 Georgia red clay, above,  to swimming pool, volley ball, turf, irrigation, fencing, painting, lighting, stone, grilling & etc.  Heard's Landscaping, Inc. is local, and out-of-state for commercial projects.  In addition, between larger projects, Heard's Landscaping, Inc., creates residential gardens.

Plant materials are personally sourced, above, by Shaefer Heard.  All of the plantings, above, arrived via 18-wheeler truck.

Owner of this project knew a busy railroad track & parking detracted from selling his new student housing.  Large specimens were planted to diminish both.

Pool decking, above, is travertine set in sand.  Shaefer Heard Landscaping, Inc. has been installing pools for 2 + decades with this team.

Commercial projects are a team.  Heard's Landscaping, Inc., looks forward to working with this owner at each bid.

Of course this project was installed during July/August (2014), temps above 100f many days.

Deadlines loom.  Some work days ended at 1am.

The Auburn Tiger's, War Eagle, stadium is within walking distance of this project.

A multi-million dollar project for the owner, each student housing suite needed to be rented.  Aesthetics, and safety, sold the units.  All units rented ahead of opening.

Heard's Landscaping, Inc., after completion of this project, is totally miffed at the lack of control over students walking their dogs near every door entry/exit.
An apartment complex in Atlanta, GA requires residents to supply their dog DNA to management, for dog poop fines.

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