Friday, April 4, 2014

Shaefer Heard Construction & Landscaping: Atlanta, GA Commercial Project 4-14

A commercial site in Atlanta, GA, this project was bid from a landscape architect's plans.
The scope of the plan included flat land, steep hillsides, stone, gravel, grading, irrigation, mulch, turf, trees, shrubs, rolle bolle courts, water feature, band stand, grilling bar. 

At the front of the building, above/below, is the amenity zone with gravel areas for tables/chairs, paved zone for dancing, mingling.

Showing off what the business does, below, their taps feed the pond.

First day flowing!

Site still under construction, as is this blog, more soon.

Shaefer Heard Construction, licensed home builder, from renovations to neighborhoods.  Heard's Landscaping, commercial/residential construction, hardscape-irrigation-lawns-grading-pools-ponds- lighting-stone-decks.  Three decades of service.
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Pics by Tara Dillard

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