Saturday, April 12, 2014

Walkway to the Front Door: Brick Pavers

Awaiting another contractor to finish their work at our large commercial jobsite, previous post, we took on this residential job, below.  A front walk, and new driveway.

Original broken concrete path was removed, pieces placed in a sinkhole in the backyard.  Granite grit spread & framed.  Last few pieces of brick need precision cuts, below.

Ironically, these types of pathways 'seem' DIY !

Slightly higher in the middle, like the old Roman roads, and seams packed with more granite grit, the path will not wobble.

This client had already hired another contractor referred by a large big box hardware store.  Her initial deposit of $1500 gone with that contractor.  Her money & the guy never to be seen again.
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  1. This brick pathway is stunning. I'd love to do something like it for my front yard. I'll have to talk to a paving service and see what my options are.

    Susan Hirst |